All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia – RSD (RSD).
The average exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia is used for informative presentation of prices in other currencies.
The amount to be charged Your payment card will be expressed in your local currency
through conversion to the same by the course used by card organizations,
which can not be known to us at the time of the transaction.
As a result of this conversion, there may be a slight difference from the original price listed on our site.
Thank you for your understanding.

For the conversion of the domestic currency into foreign currency, foreign currency in domestic currency and one foreign currency into another foreign currency, the Bank applies the exchange rate of the Bank, valid at the time of conversion, unless otherwise agreed by the contractual parties in accordance with the offer the competent department of the Bank.

The Bank’s exchange rate list is available on its website at the Bank and at each branch of the Bank. For conversion of currencies, as well as for execution of payment transactions that require currency conversion, it will apply:

• purchase price, if foreign currency is converted into domestic currency,
• the selling rate, if the domestic currency is converted into a foreign currency,
• if one foreign currency is bought by another foreign currency, the exchange rate for the foreign currency used for the repurchase is made and which is converted into the domestic currency, then the exchange rate for the foreign currency that the Bank sells, and converts the obtained amount of the domestic currency into that other currency foreign currency.

The prices of the services are indicated in EUR, however, depending on the traveler’s bank, the amount will be charged to the guests in RSD at the daily purchase or sales rate of the selected bank of the travel provider or daily purchase, ie, selling rate of the National Bank of Serbia.

For certain prices or special offers (with no money refunds), keep in mind that travel providers may require that payment be made in advance by electronic transfer (if applicable) or by credit card, and therefore your credit card may be pre-authorized or charged ( sometimes without the possibility of refunding money) at the time of booking.

Please check details of the conditions (reservations) of your chosen product or service in detail before making a reservation. is not liable for any (authorized) unauthorized or incorrect payment by your travel provider and you will not be able to (again) claim a refund for any valid or authorized collection by the travel provider (including payment charges in advance, non-refundable or cancellation costs) from your credit card.